Veteran's Day

Veteran's Day

Tomorrow is Veterans Day.  It is a day to remember those we have lost, those that have served and those that continue to fight for our freedoms and liberties every day. 


As Chairman of the Legislature, I am proud to support veterans.  In the 2017 budget, the Legislature continued funding the Syracuse University Veterans Legal Clinic which assists veterans and their families in seeking benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs or upgrading a military discharge through the various military branches for free.  Funding for Clear Path for Veterans also continued.  Clear Path is Upstate New York’s Veteran Resource Center serving as a hub of information, programs and services.  Clear Path’s focus is on restoring, reconnecting and integrating veterans, their families and the community.  They provide an invaluable resource for our local veterans.


At our November session, I sponsored two resolutions that continue Onondaga County’s commitment and support for our employees that are serving active duty in our armed forces.  The first resolution extends the pay differential benefit for employees on authorized military leave.  The county will pay the difference between the employee’s military pay and the base county salary the employee would have received for his or her regularly scheduled work week.  The second resolution provides continuous individual and family dental and health insurance for county employees and their families during their active military duty.  These resolutions ensure that Onondaga County employees serving our country continue to receive their full salaries and their families’ health benefits are not disrupted. 


Thank you to all the men and women that have served or are serving our country.  We are forever grateful to you for your sacrifice.  Happy Veterans Day!


- Chairman J. Ryan McMahon II

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