Buckel Attempts to Subvert Democracy, Hills Responds

Buckel Attempts to Subvert Democracy, Hills Responds


Tom Buckel has gone to court to sue to stop opportunity to ballot elections from occurring in the 7th Legislative District - taking away the voices of registered Independence and Conservative voters. Enough Independence and Conservative petition signers asked that they have the opportunity to write-in a name so their party may appear on the November ballot.


“As a member of the Independence Party, running with GOP support, I believe it is wrong for someone who is not a member of my party to deny myself and other independents the opportunity to write-in a candidate to appear on the ballot in November.” Hills said. “I am a political independent and an outsider and this career politician is attacking me to keep people from having a choice.”


Legislator Danny Liedka supports Hills’ call for a free and fair election for all parties, including the Independence and Conservative which supported Liedka three times. “All voters in my district should have a chance to vote on the party line to which they are registered. What Buckel is doing is cowardly and wrong.” Liedka noted.


Self-proclaimed reformer Tom Buckel has run for every office he can think of, and is used to using arbitrary and obscure sections of the Election Law to subvert his opposition. In Tom’s career running for congress, legislature, supreme court, city court and now legislature again he has learned how to manipulate the rules.


“I just want the voters of my party and the Conservative Party to have a say.” Hills concluded.




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